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Application was written and compiled with use Visual Studio 2010 C++ Express. To save/load neural network configuration was used Boost.Serialization . Installer was made with use Windows Installer XML (WiX) toolset.

Visual Studio 2010 C++ Express

Comments: Application uses new C++ features like: lambda function, std:unique_ptr, auto introduced in Visual Studio 2010


Comments: Visual Studio 2010 C++ Express required Windows SDK 7.1 to build x64 targets is needed


Comments: Application uses Boost.Serialization dll to save and load neural network configuration. Proper environment variables BOOST, BOOST_LIB (BOOST_LIBx64 ) are required to build.
Environment variables are set in file Environment.bat

Configure Boost

Download precompiled library from
or compile alone with use bjam

Configure Boost environment variables in file Environment.bat

set environment variable BOOST to boost directory i.e.
set BOOST=c:\Boost\boost_1_44_0

set environment variable BOOST_LIB to boost directory i.e.
set BOOST_LIB=C:\Boost\boost_1_44_0\stage\lib

set environment variable BOOST_LIB_X64 to boost directory i.e.
set BOOST_LIB_X64=C:\Boost\boost_1_44_0\stagex64\lib

Windows Installer XML (WiX)

Comments: Wix installer automatically set WIX environment variable
set environment variable WIX to boost directory i.e.
set WIX=C:\Wix

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